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Bleuoutremer | Communications Agency


A team of creative professionals at your service

360° comm experiences

Bleuoutremer is truly a gateway to the world! Both firmly grounded and driven by a desire to explore, we create with pinpoint precision.

We know full well that active listening and transparency move us forward. We are caring people who build lasting and genuine relationships around a shared vision. We create a positive impact on the world around us so that we can build, educate, and foster health, justice, and culture.

We love to dream big! That’s why we help those who, like us, aspire to leave their mark. And we have the means to achieve our aspirations – as our people, our ideas, and the expertise we’ve developed over the past 30 years amply demonstrate..

Bleuoutremer is...

A dedicated hands-on team of seasoned, accessible, creative, and open-minded professionals
An open and vibrant collaborative space where ideas flow
Partners and experts who bring added value to every project

Image Yves Perreault
Yves Perreault
President | Strategist and Creative Director Email
Image Nicolas Pilote
Nicolas Pilote
Executive Director and Production Director Email
Image Mélanie Coté
Mélanie Côté
Sales director Email
Image Jennifer Goldberg
Jennifer Goldberg
Web Development director and strategist Email
Image Marie-Claude Quenneville
Marie-Claude Quenneville
Project Manager Email
Image Roxanne Bibeau
Roxanne Bibeau
Project Manager Email
Image Dominique Andrieux
Dominique Andrieux
Business Development Email
Image Michael Fortin
Michael Fortin
Business Development and Project Manager Email
Image Genevière LeSieur
Geneviève LeSieur
Art Director | Graphic Designer | Photographer Email
Image Sébastien Martineau
Sébastien Martineau
Graphic Designer Email
Image Jean-Philippe Castonguay
Jean-Philippe Castonguay
Project Manager and Art Director Email
Image Andréanne Gobeil
Andréanne Gobeil
Graphic Designer Email
Image Rémy Grondin
Rémy Grondin
Desktop Publishing Specialist Email
Image Steven Ouellet
Steven Ouellet
Motion designer and Desktop Publishing Specialist Email
Image Karen Dumont
Karen Dumont
Desktop Publishing Specialist Email
Image Kaven Martineau
Kaven Martineau
Web Programmer and Web Developer Email
Image Éva-Maude Lemonde Marzell
Eva-Maude Lemonde Marzell
Web Developer Email